Purchasing a Kitten
If you are looking for a bengal cat take time and look carefully! We offer you best of best kittens with great pattern coat profil and absolutely sweet temperament.
A bengal cat can not live without another bengal cat, or a cat with the same temprement, so we like to sell our bengals to a pet home always as a couple of two.
Be sure if your bengal cat has a friend, her soul and life will be more comfortable and yours too. All kittens go to her new owners dewormed and with all vaccinations they need and have a microchip.
We prefer to bring the new babys to the new owners home. Our kittens will leave us and there bengal mother in between the age of 3 - 6 month.
If your are interessed in a breeder or show breeder bengal cat the following is nesseary:
We also like to know who you are and how your bengals live in your cattery. We shipped international and we are registered TICA Cattery.
If you love bengals so much like we do..., if you like to give the bengals a great and warm new home you're always welcome to contact Vibrantheart Bengals where bengals soul always stay infront.

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